Thursday, August 22, 2013

Which BSNL 3G Data Plan is the best? Find it out here!!

Been a while since I've blogged something. Though a tech lover and an enthusiast, I've never tried my hands on tech blogging. Let me take you to what I've got to say.

You might have already heard that BSNL has revoked all 2G data plans from 15th Aug, 2013. Now there is no 2G and 3G distinction across BSNL networks. That means, all BSNL customers using data packs will automatically be converted to 3G customers. BSNL now offers 3G data plans at almost half the earlier rates. This is one SMS I received from BSNL regarding the new data plans.

At first I did the tiny Rs. 14 plan for testing the speed. Got some what good download speed which almost hit 6 Mbps, but the upload speed was kind of pathetic. Here comes a screenshot from

Next thing I did was to select the most appropriate plan by doing a cost analysis. I left the jumbo plans like DATA 561 and DATA 1011 for the study, as I am anyways not going to spend 500+ bucks for a mobile internet. And this's what I have to say.

So, I recommend DATA 252 even though I personally did DATA 139 plan. Rest is up to you. Choose the most appropriate plan on the basis of your usage.

 Thanks for listening.
 Aravind H.

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