Friday, October 19, 2012

My life at SCMS, so far!!

I had to give much thought before I made up my mind and joined SCMS. Clueless on what to do next, I swayed between the options of getting a job, spending a year for CAT coaching or to go on with joining a post grad programme. When dad paid the first instalment of my college fee, I had a vague idea where I'll be spending the next two years.Finally the day came, 16th of July. I dont think I'd forget the date tilll the day comes when I grow green tails. I reached on time, and I had my whole family waving me off like some bollywood bride leaving home. Whole family came along with me to wave me off. I reached there, there was standing a guy with familiar face whom I was very sure that I have met him somewhere in recently few days back. Yes, that was Sharvin who was there along with me in my same group for the GD/PI conducted by college. The first response that came from his side was ‘Aliyaa..Neeyo?’ I nodded yes and then my parents were busy watching their son’s room. But the 3rd guy who was meant to be Sharvin’s n my roommate was missing.

Day 1,  We were on time, thanks to the mad rush that started at 6.30 in the morning. The dressing up, or rather making myself presentable was just like reliving a scene out of three idiots. As expected, we had a speaker to boost our morale with the welcome speech, but contrary to public expectations, the speech was rather good. Amazing, in fact. Then we were shuffled into three groups of 60 each and were given biriyani for lunch and we were left to ourselves afterwords. I must say, it does look promising at first. Although I know I shouldnt be making conclusions already.

A couple of us, decided it was time for some sightseeing and we went towards the promising haven for travelers: Fort Kochi. We got to know each other and there was this bonding happening between ourselves, where we all came from different background and taken under one big nest. I reached back, but my mind kept drifting to that '' phantom roommate'' no one saw yet. Sharvin and I secretly wished for him to be a nerd, so as to transfer the motivation to study in us. Yes, that’s exactly what I said. All we had was his name, Ananthakrishnan which Sharvin found out from our warden. Not very helping. we had to wait to see if my gut feeling was right about him being a nerd. Maybe I shouldn’t invest my thoughts in this direction.

Well, Sharvin and I warmed up pretty soon, and together (of course!) we made a mental note of the good looking chicks in class. Since our seating arrangement was according to the admission number, I got a spot between Priyatha and Jithin. They are the opposite poles when it comes to communication, I'd say. She likes to talk while he keeps to himself. Priyatha had to discontinue the course as she found it to be entirely different from the topics she had for her grad. I had to share my left side to an empty chair for the rest of foundation programme. I filled the gap by communicating non-verbally to Sharvin who was sitting on the other side of the class. And talking about the academics at the foundation programme, I was blowed by Appala Raju sir's class, who is the HOD for Finance in our college. His teaching philosophy is to give complete clarity and understanding to the student, without which he believes his teaching is incomplete. I agree to it with the whole of my heart. As this blog is not academic oriented, I wont be getting into that part now. 

It was on the next day the concept of Mentoring and IMLP were introduced to us. Mentoring is a process by which a faculty will lead a group of members throughout for the next two years, for the further development of our skills. And IMLP (Integrated Management Learning Programme) is a concept to develop the presentation skills and also to get rid of the stage fright of students.
Now, getting back to the hostel… 6-7 uneventful days went by, and there was still no sign of our ‘Aananthakrishnan’. Finally I heard someone saying, "Guys, your mystery roommate has finally come".
Sharvin and I rushed into our room No:10 to see our new friend. There he was. Judging  his looks, he did look like a geek, but the first words that came out from my mouth were wrong. 
‘Buji aanallo alle?’ [You're a nerd, arent you?] 
(Well, I wasn't known for my ice breaking skills, anyway)

And the so-called geek dude replied with: "Eh? you guys crazy?"
 "Sigh. wish you were one of them. I was really hoping you would be the kinda guy who'd help us with academics "

He nodded and responded with a ‘Hmmm’.

Me: "So, why you late?" 

Ananthakrishnan: "Dude, I had a backlog from last semester and I had to rewrite it’ :D
So much for wild dreams of a mystery friend helping me with my college work. That was more
than enough for us to understand what sort of a nerd he is.

Turns out he wasn't ‘Aananthakrishnan’ after all. His name was Anand B Krishna. I made a mental note to get my facts straight next time, if there was one that is.

The journey of foundation went really well. We had lots of fun(no big surprises there!) and predictably, a few pranks. It was during the conclusive part of foundation I got a really good friend/sister whose name I’m not gonna mention here.

(to be cont'd)